Am _komplett Am _stillase _bru

Our equipment consists of

  • Two complete 450hp/333kW water jets with water capacity 180 l/min., 1,000-bar pressure. One Woma pump, 3000 bar, 60 l/min.
  • Special robots, caterpillar tracked for horizontal (above and beneath) and vertical surfaces, as well as for circular and rectangular piles. Recoilless handguns for handlancing.
  • Special robots with same capacity as the tracked vehicles for rail operation on various concrete structures.
  • Equipment for hydro-demolition of parapet beam/railing, fender capping on wharf and bridge piers.
  • Robot for 1000mm workwidth for narrow passages in factories and bridges without affecting traffic.
  • Rotating jets of various sizes, orientations and types on robots and handguns.
  • 30,000-litre watertanker with its own diesel driven suction pump, 30 minute filling time from e.g. a river.

Scaffolding. MOOG, trailer mounted working platform.

We operate an inspection- and working platform, mounted on a trailer, designed for flexible use on bridges and wharves. The lowering depth is 12 meters and the telescopic working platform is 18 meters long. It is further equipped with a lowering platform under the main scaffolding, operated by separate winches.

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